Alto`s Adventure as Snowboard Game Will Come to iPhone

A new endless runner game Alto`s Adventure which is based on snowboarding genre will be coming to the App Store next week

alto`s adventure walkthrough ios android

This game is a kind of a sporting game that will come along with a really beautiful art style
In this endless snowboarding game, you will be assigned to capture the flow and feeling of snowboarding, where you can also try to perform a variety of tricks to improve the performance of each run.

As they snowboard through procedurally-generated terrain, players will will also have to rescue runaway, grind along village rooftops, leap over terrifying chasms and outwit the mountain elders.

Moreover, you will ride through various types of weather to compete for distance, as well as performing trick-based combos for gaining high scores.
You will also have a chance of getting a wingsuit that Toronto-based Snowman.

In addition, in related to the firsts launch, Alto’s Adventure will soon be lunched for iOS devices on February 19 without any ads or in-app purchases.
Also, this game will have iCloud support, so you are able to continue you games across iPad and iPhone.


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