Alphabear Is Going to iOS Android Soon

Spry Fox is being in the progress to launch its newest game, Alphabear
As you can see in the screenshot, this will introduce Panda Poet, Leap Day, and Road Not Taken to name just a few.

alphabear walkthrough ios android

Playing in Panda Poet, you will square off against your friend where you will have to try making words from the letters available on the board.

If you can complete each letter, it will be a panda
And, when enough pandas are touching to form a larger square or rectangle, they will merge into a much bigger panda that will come to more points.

Besides, this game uses the idea of Panda Poet as a starting point
Later on, this game will be much different where you will see that a single-player experience with a free-to-play spin
Also, you will be able to collect a bunch of bears, and a crazy amount of polish.

On the other side, you will also be challenged to make high score by clearing the board in different stages.
At this phase, you will use the letters to make words, and in the corner of each letter is a number.
it is like a Scrabble tile, but it comes along with a much different effect.
Each turn you take, that number will tick down by one.
Then, if it comes to zero, the letter will be a rock, that will prevent you from growing your bears beyond its bounds.

After going through some stages, you will be able to unlock a wild variety of bears.
And, the different bears you will collect will come to more than just a cute art swap.
Each bear comes with its own special score boost, where you will be able to choose which bears you will take into battle with you.

At this point, you can try to pick The Abe Lincoln aka Fore Bear that will give you extra points for four-letter words
Meanwhile, using Easy Bear gives bonuses for using the letters E, A, S and Y.

Anyway, each bear will have their own rest timer, that means if you have used them, you will have to wait them before you can use them again

Or, if you want to speed thing up, you can use coins to get them back into the game instantly.
You can also get them gachapon-style, in which you can also equip some boosters to get a double bonus.

According to this news, this game seems to be in beta test for The Google Play.
In related to the premier launch, there is no announcement yet concerning with specific date of the first launch on ios and android platforms.
But, if you still wonder to play this game, you can try to play beta tester on google play


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