All Star Legion Will Walk to iOS Android

The apple store will have a new guess that is 3d action card battler game called Allstar Legion developed by Oasis Games will come soon

allstar legion walkthrough iphone android

In a glance, if you have ever play dota 2 you will know this game has similar heroes
In the game play, you will see that some heroes similar in dota 2 have been doing in action to battle with giant boss

This game is a kind of a new interesting card battler game that creates a unique gameplay experience by expanding the usual card battler one with features taken from other genres.

In this 3D action card battler game, players can control 30 different heroes with unique abilities, heroes that can be trained so that they will come to more powerful ones.

Here, you can also decide the timing and sequence of your heroes attacks in that if you want to win the battle, you must take an active part during it, as failing to complete the QTEs appearing on screen will result in your attacks not being effective.

On the other side, QTEs will also come up during the opponent’s turn, that will allow you to prevent getting damaged and more.

In addition, this game will be a really interesting game that is like MOBA games.
So ,if you wonder to play this game so much, you can download it right now for free on the App Store.


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