Alice Order RPG Goes to iOS

Again, a fresh role playing game that is in development by Square Enix has been publicly announced for iOS platforms, in which this game is called as Alice Order featuring some interesting features herein.

alice order walkthrough ios android

In other words, this game can be described as a “psychic mystery RPG” which admittedly sounds interesting.

In related to the story behind this game, it is set the near future in Japan, where the country has suffered a lot of destruction after a great disaster occurred.
In the mean time, the Alice Order’s world is also getting ravaged by attacks from a parallel world.

As a result a special forces group called Alice consisting of young ladies with special powers, has been put together to fight off the attacks to rescue people.

Anyway, this game seems incredibly to be made in an interesting way
On the other side, this game is being produced by Hioraki Iwano, who also produced the card battler game Million Arthur, with artwork and character design being handled by the Stein Gate main artist.

In related to the first launch of this game, it will come to the apple store this year but, the announcement from Square Enix, it is unsure to whether this game will go into the West region.

Also, this game is yet to be confirmed date in Japan on iOS.
So, stay tune on this page to get more info relating to the review of even walkthrough of Alice Order on your phone.


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