AirAttack 2 as A Shooter Game Will Go to iOS

If you like playing any shooter game on mobile, you may have known that a very interesting shooter game entitled AirAttack has been popular on the App Store.

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At that time, AirAttack can be included into a very interesting shooter game which also featurtes some interesting features and beautiful graphics compatible with mobile platforms.

In line with this, Art In Games is now ready to launch AirAttack’s sequel on the App Store which will be called AirAttack 2.

This new sequel, AirAttack 2 will be the same as its predecessor and it will include the same engaging and exciting gameplay experience

Also, this game will be enhanced by a variety of new features making this new series better than the predecessor.

At this points, AirAttack 2 will come along with 22 different stages, 5 different ships, new upgrade options, new weapons and Game Center support

With all of those features, you will be able to get some rewards that you can do by completing weekly and daily challenges.
Plus, you will also be served with so much content, which make you busy for quite some time.

In related to the premier launching of AirAttack 2 to Apple, the exact launching date has yet to be confirmed by the developer

If you are really curious of this game first launch, you can stay tuned on this page to get the newest info or review of AirAttack 2 on your phone


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