Agent Alice Will Let You Solve Puzzle

Agent Alice is a fresh of story-driven hidden object game which is developed by Wooga.
This game will come in episodic content where it will continue the adventures of Detective Alice Wallace and The Agency to define the hidden object genre on mobile devices

agent alice a hidden object adventure walkthrough ios android

This game will take you to play as Agent Alice, who is a detective for The Agency to go through a supernatural adventure in the 1960s where you will have to visit exotic locations and reveal the hidden clues in order to protect the world we know from sinister otherworldly forces.

Later on, what makes this game so pretty to fun is where you will be taken to go to a supernatural adventure to exotic locales across the globe.

In line with this game, it is a hidden object game that is especially designed for smartphones, and along with its combination inside, this game will give you a great user experience and compelling storytelling.

In addition, this game, Agent Alice will be launched simultaneously on iPhone iPad and Android devices on this month.
Also, this game will come along with some features focusing on storytelling
And, it will be supported with free weekly content after launch that will give you exciting new gameplay and narrative content to follow and play.


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