Age of Wushu Dynasty Will Come to iOS

Snail Games has recently announced to launch their newest game, Age of Wushu Dynasty, an action role playing game that you can play on mobile

age of wushu dynasty walkthrough ios android

If you are popular with Age of Wushu game series on PC, now Age of Wushu Dynasty will not be a simple port of the PC version
In this new series for mobile version, this game will also include some tweaks and gameplay mechanics that should make the experience more enjoyable on iOS devices.

In this new package, this game will include eight martial arts schools to choose from, and it will offer a control via a two-handed virtual button control scheme

You will also find that it will feature arenas, PVP combat, and guild wars.
Graphically, this game looks gorgeous, with an art style that sets it apart from most similar games on iOS.

You will also see that Age of Wushu’s fights will be very fast but it will also be very technical on mobile platforms.

Perhaps, this game may be a free to play game in which it will be interesting to see how Snail Games introduces F2P mechanics on mobile.

In related to the first launch, Age of Wushu Dynasty will soon be launched on the apple store
So, if you wonder this game going to your phone, be sure to stay tuned on this page to get the review or even walkthrough of Age of Wushu Dynasty on the ios and android platforms


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