A Turn Based Strategy Game Overland Will Come to iPhone Soon

A new strategy game, Overland will be launched on the apple store Summer, in that it is a game where you will have to control of a squad looking for a place to live in a ruined planet.

overland walkthrough ios android

On the other words, this game is a kind of survival game combining turn-based tactics with a desolate journey across a ruined modern America

Overland is developed by Adam Saltsman, the man behind the unique endless runner game Canabalt.
And, this new game will be a game that even those who have never played strategy games will enjoy, as this comes along with a lot of simplified gameplay mechanics.

Characters here will not have HP and stats so it will be easier to keep track of everything going on in the battlefield.

Also, this game will also feature a unique graphical style, with battlefield sporting diorama designs.
In this game, some smaller areas will help you keep better track of your surroundings.
Every area will be a small grid with a 3D slice of the bleak surroundings inside of it.

On the other side, this game seems to rely on simplicity and visual feedback, rather than clusters of stats and spreadsheets.

This game will offer the journey along with plenty of xeric ground, arches of rock, and loners gathered around barrel fires.
And, your main mission is simply to get a group of survivors across it all.

In addition, this game seems a rather interesting title because of its gameplay mechanics and unique setting.
So, if you wonder relating to this interesting strategy title, stay tuned on this to get the recent news related to this game.


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