A Snow Fort Too Far Will Go to iOS

Winter is now starting on this month and the apple store usually gets a winter game on this December
In line with this season, a game related to the snow will come to ios soon

a snow fort too far walkthrough ios android

This game will be called A Snow Fort Too Far which is included into a new side scrolling game launching very soon on the App Store in all regions.

Along the game, you will merely build snow forts and snowmen, while recruiting solders to your cause and attack then taking over other players’ forts.

The experience will be made more complex in which the four different types of soldiers will come along with some special abilities.

Seemingly, this game has been definitely inspired by the smash hit The Battle Cats developed by Ponos
In related to the premier launching of this game, the exact launching date is not yet to be confirmed by the developer.

Thus, if you really want this game to come to your phone, you may stay tuned on this page to get the newest info related to the first launching on the apple store


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