A Retro Style RPG 9th Dawn II Remnants of Caspartia is Ready to Go to iOS

A new retro-styled role playing game 9th Dawn 2 Remnants of Caspartia is going to be launched soon by Valorware on the App Store and Android later on.

rpg 9th dawn 2 remnants of caspartia walkthrough ios android

This game is the sequel to the original 9th Dawn, its Silver Award-winning RPG that was launched a while back on the App Store.

Similar to the previous one, this game will feature old school graphics together with more modern gameplay mechanics that make the whole experience smoother than real old school rpg genres.
It seems to incorporate the sense of adventure of classic RPGs with more modern designs for combat and user friendliness.

Anyway, this game will be set in the world of Vayle and it will feature co-op multiplayer mode, a larger world than its predecessor, a new character progression system, new spells and abilities, a crafting system and quests with multiple outcomes along with enhancements to UI design and enemy AI.
With that new features, this game is hopefully to be a really solid role playing game ever.

For further, but it is your actions that will decide the fate of mankind, and whether or not the sun will rise once more on shine upon Caspartia.
In addition, this game has yet to receive a final release date for mobile platforms.


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