A New Tactical RPG Heavenstrike Rivals Will Come to iOS Android

Square Enix as a popular game developer of Final Fantasy game series, has recently launched a new tactical RPG which is named Heavenstrike Rivals on Android.

heavenstrike rival walkthrough ios android

Heavenstrike Rivals can be categorized into a strategy RPG in which this game is set in the Kingdom of Lunnain torn apart by the dark forces known as the Fallen.

Then, you will recruit a wide range of units, as well as building a strong team and guiding your fighters to victory in the fast-paced combat.
Here, you will be able to gather up more than 230 different units which are rather generic for their types
And, they include attacker, defender, healer, mage and so on.
Based on their attack styles, you can place different units to specific instances in the battle formation and you can also work with teammates to beat opponents with ease.

Battle system in this game is turn-based and each character will fight on a grid-based three-lane board.
In related to the strength of all units, you can try to use the special tiles that boost either attack or defense.

On the other side, this game also features both single-player story mode and multiplayer arena to cater to different needs.
Moreover, this game has delivered great graphics and animation along with nice soundtrack, created by Ryo Yamazaki who had composed the music and sounds for Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers developed by Square Enix also.


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