A Day in the Woods as Puzzle Game will Come iPhone

RetroEpic Software is in the progress of their new project that is named as A Day in the Woods, in which it is the game related to fun puzzle game, which will be released on the App Store next month.

a day in the woods walkthrough ios android

In line with this, the developer has confirmed that their puzzle game will be released on the App Store on early on the next month.

Anyway, this game, A Day in the Woods had officially been launched on PC version few years ago in that this game has brought simple engaging gameplay formula, along with colorful graphics and more.

Here, you will merely guide Little Red Riding Hood to her grandma’s house and you should also avoid any danger on the way at all cost.

Your main goal here is to get to the house safely, where you will have to move Red on a grid of tiles and even call the help of some of the animal of the forest as your back up.

This idea, is a really simple system but it is quite engaging when you find the way out to reach the house in one piece.

In related to this Little Red Riding Hood, she was a nice girl, once talked to a wolf, then quickly came to regret it until the woodsman fixed things up with the business end of his axe.

On the other side, the form of the PC game of A Day in the Woods is a hexagonal sliding game where you will be able to try to guide Red safely through the forest to her grandmother’s house.

In addition, this game is being updated with charming graphics based on wood-cut figurines.
Moreover, you will also see new music, and you will be tasked to tackle 60 new levels that will entertain you throughout the game.


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