A Cartoony Tricky Platformer Splot by Frozenbyte Comes with Cycloptic Hero

Frozenbyte has announced to launch their newest game entitled splot publicly on this month
Splot itself can be categorized into a cartoony puzzle platformer, in which you simply bounce your hero along the game as well as going through some levels.

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This game is a kind of nice new platform game with a little more complex than the usual endless runner platform games.

To play this game, you will simply bounce your characters through several stages in order to save baby birds from other bouncing monsters that do not look that different from our hero.

When playing this game, you will be served with simple touch controls, then you will also go through short stages filled with dangers to avoid, secrets to find and more
Here, you will still be trying to navigate through the usual platforming obstacles such as pits, spikes, enemies you need to leap into to kill, and lasers that incinerate you.

On the other side, the overall gameplay experience is definitely inspired by PC and consoles platform games.

Splot will definitely offer more contents to play with.
In line with this, the final game will feature 56 stages which are divided into seven worlds and three difficulty settings.

Along the game, you will also be able to unlock more characters to use as well as power them up in different ways.

Also, this game will present a mix of cute cartoon graphics and one-touch platforming gameplay.
So you can see this game in slick and shiny one.

Moreover, there is a distinct blending of the sensibilities of mobile gaming and something a little more old school here.
According to this, the levels are bite-sized, but a spinny determination will be here and you do not usually find in more standard iOS fare.

Once again, you will be able to unlock different Splots to play for the next stages, and you will see a leveling system and a bunch of power-ups to play with.

In addition, initial level art in this game will have to overcome plenty of hazards across the game’s 100+ levels.
You will be brought to go adventure with pointy spikes, mummies, large boulders and orange fuzzy things.

In accordance with the levels, they are split into various themes, such as desert, farm, tropical cave, and dungeon
Later on, you will get a “magical story” to tie everything in this game.


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