Zeni Stone E Cheats Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle iPhone

Bandai Namco has just launched Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle on the apple store and google play in which this game can be categorized into a new action game where you can assemble a team consisting of fighters from across the Dragon Ball Z world.

dragon ball z dokkan battle walkthrough ios android

Early on the game, you will go through the adventure mode, where you will activate the events on the board when you can land right on top of them.

When going to fight against enemies on the board, you will see them marked with a big red STOP sign on the board which you can skip them.

Every time you go through battle in this game, you will be able to get all the zeni and items that you can use to battle with the boss battle

To have a good rehearsal, you can pick different types of fighters consisting of six fighters
Here, there are five types, so you will have room for one fighter that has special skill to counter your opponent, or you can count on one that can defend properly.

While attacking your enemy, you will have to consider to defend as well.
In line with this, if you see that your enemy is about to attack, you will have to move one of your strong fighters against the enemy in front.
As an illustration, if you see that a PHY type enemy will attack, you must defend yourself with a STR fighter to reduce the amount of damage contributed by the enemies.

Anyway, you have to try to fight each enemy on the board where if you can win that battle, you will get more zeni and experience for your fighters, that will make them stronger in this game.

During the battle, you will see that the battle plays out from left to right.
At this point, you must focus on the timeline before contributing an attack and make a good move next
Also, you can move your fighters around so that they will attack in different positions.

On the other side, sometimes you will not get the same type of ki spheres lined up that will be handy to make a significant charge
To solve this, you can always go for ki bursts which have same-type ki sphere in the same row.
Having this will count towards more charge for your fighter in the next mission

In addition, you can also have your friend to join the battle with you
For such reasons, you will get friend points every time you ask your friend to join you.

Once completing the level, you can then send a friend request to your friend.
Next, if you ally to play with them as a team, you will get more friend points that you can use to use the Friend Point Summon
With this friend point summon, you can get new characters besides the Dragon Stone Summon does.

As usual, this game will feature the currency in form of dragon stones
These dragon stones will start from A, B, C, D, E to F

Sometimes, you will get these dragon stones for free from every mission or every battle that you have completed successfully

Besides, what this game give dragon stones to you is just a few
And, if you want to get more of them, you will be prompted to purchase them form the store


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