Zeni Cheat in Battle of Gods VS Android

Sinogameking has presented Battle of Gods for mobile platform, in which this game seems to be taken from the wildly popular CPRG action game

battle of gods vs basic walkthrough guides iphone android

In this game, you will meet epic warriors, awesome gear and some nice skills that you can use to battle with enemies during the quests

Here, you will be able to collect some ultimate warriors which are over 200 original manga heroes each with super skill combos that you can use to fight against enemies
Except having skills, your heroes are also equipped with hero buffs that you can activate anytime when going to an exciting adventures by fighting campaign battles

On the other side, you will be assigned to collect Team Fame from Journey fights and the Arena that you can sue to level up your heroes.

Anyway, this game also features the main currency that is zeni in which you can find it during your journey and fight against enemies to win EXP, Zeni and Items
With this zeni, you can draw Cards, upgrade gear and merge Skills as well

Besides zeni, you will also have gather up gammets that you can find from events.
Then, you can use them to call high grade Heroes and to get special items.
You can use gammets to clear the Battle Count limit as well.

Energy and stamina are also important here as you will need energy when being in Journey battles.
At this point, you can recover 1 point every half hour.
And, you will require stamina when you go for Arena battles then you recover 1 point every half hour.
You can also take part in Arena fights to increase your ranking and win rewards.

Form Journey battles and Arena fights, you will gain Hero Exp to upgrade your Hero’s level.
Then, you will be introduced with hero grade that will come to 4 Grades namely S, A, B and C in which S is the best one.
For such reasons, Grade Heroes will have better stats.

In related to Hero Souls, you cannot have the same Hero twice and you need to get Souls to revive a Hero.
So, the higher the hero, the more souls that will require.

For further, any relationship between Heroes, Gear or Skills can increase stats of your heroes.
With ultra strong gear, you will have to match the right gear with your heroes in order to get stronger stats
In line with this, Weapons, Armor and Extras that enhance Heroes‘ ATK DEF and HP are categorized into 4 Grades: S, A, B and C.

Meanwhile, your heroes skills will deliver special effects during fights.
Moreover, some skills can increase stats where each hero will have 1 skill of its own and 2 skills
that can be learned in this game.

Throughout the game, you will go through Normal Round and Final Round
In Normal Round, the first 2 rounds of a battle is ‘I VS 1 in which each Hero fights his opponent.
Then, the round 2 will be on when there is no winner in the first fight
Next, after going on 5 turns, if there is no winner after Round 2, the combat will go to the Final Round.

In this Final Round, your Spirit and HP will be matched between your villains.
And, when Spirit runs out, your HP will be used.
But, when HP runs out, the winner will be revealed.

In addition, once getting a Skill Shard, you will be able to steal other Shards that will create a whole Skill.
Thus, you can simply select Steal to get more Shards


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