Worms 4 Will Go to iOS This Month

After launching its predecessor called Worms 3 now Team 17 Software is in the progress of making its new series which will be Worms 4 that will be planned to go on the apple store this month

incoming worms 4 walkthrough ios android

For this new series, the team in Team 17 will describe Worms 4 mobile as the definitive handheld Worms experience, in which this game has outfitted with some bright, striking graphics for the occasion.

As said, this game, Worms 4 seems to be made for short bursts of gameplay
It means it will be shorter campaigns compared to previous Worms games series

In this new series, you will have to go through 80 single-player matches to fight through, and you can also battle with friends in multiplayer online mode

This new series also offers turn-based, synchronous online multiplayer gameplay along with different stage themes and weapon upgrades.

So, just stay tune on this page to get the newest info when this game is about to go out for ios devices this summer


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