Wisdom Stones Cheat in Puzzle Forge 2 iPhone

In the game of Puzzle Forge 2 that is developed by Tuesday Quest, you will get to put together resources on the board to build powerful weapons for your kingdom

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As being the new blacksmith in this game, you can sell your equipments to heroes so that you can earn more gold pieces and experience to increase your skills.
With this talent, you will be able to build over 2000 different weapon to the unique creation system.

And, in order to improve your unique weapons, you can earn spells and magic items in quests and be sure to purchase the weapons rack upgrade for a lifesaver

Later on this game, you will also meet some heroes with strange requests where you will provide them weapons of higher grade to up their satisfaction so they will give you better gifts

When meeting them, make sure you recognize them first from the overview screen when they are standing in queue and have a guess at what kind of weapon they want.

Sometimes, they will simply ask for a set type of weapons, such as Moonshade in form of claws and twin blades
At this point, make sure to prepare two blade molds when you see her as your next customer.
Doing this will help you make good use of molds in the queue which are not needed for the others queue customers.

Meanwhile, if you have free turns craft a silver or gold weapon, make sure to save them for later
In the mean time, you can place multiple gems around a craft to get a higher single gem like combining two silvers to be netherium

Later on, in order to get really high output enchantments, you can try to sink magic into higher ores then forge beside frozen tiles to thaw them
Also, try to forge weapons at the edges or corners so that you can minimize the loss of space from leaving weapons on the board.

You can also try to combine ores in tricky positions with a lot of iron
Besides, making a combo of your weapons will be handy and it also very quickly clutters up your board if you have low storage

On the other side, you must know which consumable items like gem molds and gem powders that are more important as those items will be life savers in the late game.

For further, do not go rush to purchase all the types of molds available when there is a sale in the shop.
Here, having more molds in your inventory will provide you a lot of flexibility in managing your board.
Remember not to dump all the weapons already on the board into your storage as some weapons going onto the rack cannot be improved with enchanting or gem powders.

In addition, you will need wisdom stones to help you in accomplishing each weapon request
Except wisdom stones, you will also need gold coins to improve your weapons


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