Win The Tournament to Earn Coins in Holy Shoot iPhone

Holy Shoot the most funny & addicting multiplayer soccer battle family games for free can be said as a new one-touch soccer game which is specifically designed for the ios and android platforms.

holy shoot walkthrough ios android

Here, all you will do is to tap the screen to make your character jump, kick and shoot
Make sure not to make a mistake as a misplaced tap will cause you to fall over and leave your goal undefended at that time.

To play this game, you can play one-player, two-players on the same mobile
Together with your friends, you can compete for prizes in tournaments.

During the gameplay, the game ends when one team can make five goals.
In other words, it will rely on your goals to get your victory

To win the match, just let the other team make all of the moves
Then, be sure to let you characters block any attempt at kicking a goal just by standing there so that they will kick one into their own goal.

Coins seem to be the premium currency of this game that you can get for free by watching the ad videos
Plus, you can get free coins by completing free offers served by the developer
Besides, each time you can get victory in the match, you will get coins as a reward

Once having enough coins, you are allowed to purchase a new defender or a new goalie which will give you a new appearance in the game.

On the other side, you must get your victory in challenge mode which has larger odds, whereby you must beat it to get bigger rewards.
Each challenge here will feature a special rule of engagement, such as using a rugby ball only, one on one, or time constraints.
If you are new winner here, you will get more coins

Meanwhile, you can then take part in tournament mode which will give you bigger rewards
However, you need coins to enter the match
As initial move, you can start to join the junior tournament
Then, go to the super tournament to earn the biggest prize in form of coins and other valuable stuff


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