Win the Race to Get Three Stars and Gems in Rocket Cars iPhone

Rocket Cars made by Illusion Labs has offered the amazingly addictive gameplay wrapped in Rocket Cars where you will race in some challenging tracks such as the offroad Desert tracks, then boost through the picturesque Wooden landscape and beat your opponents in the challenging Copper world.

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Once having through some given tracks, you will be rewarded with gems and coins that you can use to upgrade your cars
With this upgraded cars, you can compete against increasingly difficult ai cars in 60+ levels.

Besides gems and coins, you will also be challenged to get the three stars in each level.
Any action related to this game will require energy so that if you run out of energy, you have to wait it within certain minutes to come back

Anyway, if you want to get back your energy fully in a quick time, you can try applying time lapse trick where all you will do is simply to change time and date on your phone
At this point, just go to your device’s settings then simply set the time forward by 60 minutes.
Afterward, go back to the game, and you will get your energy replenished fully

In the attempt to get stars in this game, you have to complete the first 7 levels which will earn you three stars.
Moreover, completing each level in this game will earn you coin rewards in that you can always check back after you have upgraded your cars and win the races.

To learn the tracks in this game, you can replay races the same race over and over again with a solid car so that you can have a chance to get the three stars with ease
At this point, replaying races that you have beaten before will get you to master all the turns and twists and difficult areas.

On the other side, you have to concentrate on completing the missions and daily challenge
Here, you will be served with a daily challenge to complete for earning the rewards.
At first, you will start quite slow with a bunch of coins

Later on, after playing this game for few levels, you will be able to earn a ton of diamonds that you can use unlock new cars.
So, always check out your missions and focus your driving on completing those challenges and missions as they will earn you more coins that you can use for car upgrades.

When coming to do some upgrades for your cars, be sure not to focus on upgrading your first buggy car.
Upgrading the next vehicle is just 15 diamonds and you can easily get those by connecting the game to your Facebook account
Then, you can focus on the second buggy in better stats.

In line with this upgrade, you can then start upgrading the Monster Truck, as the next car in that category is 80 Diamonds.
When doing so, it is highly recommended to focus on Speed and Grip since they help you win the races
Also, upgrading extra acceleration will be good for the Monster Truck.

Meanwhile, when being in the races, you will also find boosters such as missiles, magnets, etc which are scattered along the race tracks.
In accordance with this, you can increase the duration of these boosters by simply tapping the Store button in the main menu.
For further, upgrading these boosters will be useful to maximize out your cars, as raw power for your vehicles is better than those boosters upgraded.

In addition, you will also be able to get a ton of points by showing some cool tricks
When performing a trick, be sure not to avoid the launch pads that will get you in the air
Along the race, you can perform some tricks when being in the air as those trick will provide you extra points at the race`s completion.

When doing tricks, you can also combine them by swiping to the left, then swiping upwards in the air for a trick combo so that you will be able to earn more points
Always remember that doing tricks in the air will take right time to do
Thus, when being in the air, try to time your car while doing some combos tricks, in which they will provide you more scores and coins as well


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