Win The Race to Earn Gold in CSR Racing 2 iPhone

NaturalMotion has recently launched CSR Racing 2 both on the ios and android stores
Anyway, this new racing game seems to be the long-awaited franchise of CSR Racing series

csr 2 racing walkthrough ios android

Along with this series, it has brought back all of the street racing fun of the original, as well as some other features for maximum car customization and strategy.

In this game, you will be brought to race for glory, money cash, gold, keys, booster and more
So, all you will do is to rev up your car`s engine to run faster then unlock more better cars from popular manufacture in the world

Along the game, you will get involved in some races where you will have to try to nail the shift timing well to get the start timing run perfectly.

Doing this will allow your car to go faster
Also, if you take off and shift with the needle in the green, you will get extra cash
At that time, if you have a lot of wheelspin when starting or shifting your car, try shifting a bit earlier
Or, you can start it at a slightly lower RPM to reduce wheelspin when starting the race.

In line with this, you can also use some tuning to your car by adding a significant amount of speed
To increase the speed, you can try to adjust your nitrous, tires, or any other part of the car
It is indicated by the +nn sign with a number added or subtracted based upon the car’s overall potential.

Besides, you can also tune your car all over the tuning spectrum so that you can measure how high your car can increase the potential
And, you may consider to retune your car when you get new upgrades.

On the other side, this game will offer you some nice rewards in form of bronze keys, silver keys, and gold keys by taking part in in the prize cup and in the custom cup
With such stuff, you can get uncommon and rare fusion parts to be used to customize your car.
You can add uncommon parts to a level 4 upgrade part
Then, you can add rare parts to a level 5 upgrade part.

Later on, you will deal with the boss of a crew battle, where it will be your main key to move up onto the next tier.
As your preparation to beat the boss, you must use your best car
And, you must get keys and compete in the ladder races by replaying the older stages
Participating in ladder races will be a great way yo get more coins as prizes.

As usual, gold is the premium currency of this game which you can get in any other way
In order to earn a lot of free gold, make sure to take part in more races as it will level up your car

Moreover, if you can complete goals, and accept the offer to turn on push notifications you will get 50 gold for free

Thus, always turn on the notifications which will let you know when the mechanic asks you if you want to do so.

Once collecting enough gold, make sure to save up your gold to unlock new cars with better specification.


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