Win The Race to Earn G Coins Cash in Racing Saga Android

WEDO1 will allow you to have and drive super sports car in the streets of the city, that is bundled in its newest game entitled Racing Saga

racing saga walkthrough ios android

In related to this game, it contains the world’s top sports car ever
This game will also give you a brilliant scene and a unique gaming experience.

On the go, you will be able to play a super competition the compete with your friends to win the global top on the leaderboard

Along the game, you will have to complete level-4 events, beat another the team and rule the city with your sports car.
Just rev up the engine to beat crew members in turn, then beat the crew leader to unlock the next tier.
So just try to defeat all the team captains, and get achievement, the be the legend of the city.

After going through some races, you must upgrade your engine, replace the better car accessories, so that your car can run into higher speeds.

On the other side, you can also customize your car, with a variety of colors and decals for your DIY the character of the super sports car.

During in the race, always pay attention to the green light
Once seeing the green light, you can adjust the car gear in the right time to get perfect shift speed up
To get more speed for your car, you can add nitrogen gas that can fully exert forces on high horsepower.
If you can do the perfect start or shift, you will be able to get bonus at the end of the game.

Later on, you have to learn this basic terminology related to your car stats
Gear Box can improve acceleration.
Engine can promote maximum horsepower of each gear.
Turbo can promote maximum horsepower of each gear.
Body can reduce weight and improve horsepower.
Tires can improve tire can reduce older wheels.
Nitrous is an instant eruption horsepower that can trigger extra boost.

In addition, this game also features g coins and cash that you will have to collect throughout the game
Every time you do a race in the event, you will be rewarded with some cash that you can then use to purchase some items
Also, you can use your cash to upgrade your car such as engine, tire, brake, and body suspension

Besides cash, you will also get g coin, as the premium currency of this game
In the way of collecting few of g coins, you can try to log in and play this game daily
Moreover, by playing this game daily, you will also be rewarded with cash

Furthermore, always check the achievements after you have had a race with opponents
This achievement will sometimes give you g coins or any sponsors in form of items that you can apply for your car so that it will have different look


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