Win the Match to Earn Easy Diamonds Cash in Basketball Clicker iPhone

Basketball Clicker the newest debut of Naquatic LLC which is specifically designed for the ios and android platforms as a sport themed clicker game

basketball clicker walkthrough ios android

Along the game, all you will do is to tap on the screen to shoot baskets
Every time, you perform your action, you will get cash which you can use to recruit new players for your team

Also, you must upgrade them which power up your team so that you can win matches against other players at ease.

Similar to any clicker game out there, you must tap the screen as fast as you can
If needed, you can tap the screen with multi fingers at ta time

Once getting cash, you can recruit new players for your offense
With this kind of player, you will not have to do all that much tapping to get a lot of shots off, you will get speed tapping with that kind of player

Moreover, your players will earn you cash while you are not playing the game since you upgrade their levels into higher
Doing so will earn you more cash although you are out of the game

On the other side, you can try to play a few matches to unlock defense
In line with this, all of your offensive players will show in the defense area.

Every player can guard opposing players based upon specific positions
For such reason, you have to upgrade based on who they guard
If you can do so well, you can distribute the defense among opposing players.

As usual, this game will feature diamonds or gems as the premium currency
In order to get those gems for free, you will merely participate in a team or you can watch videos after having the match

At that time, you can watch out for achievements to be completed successfully which will give you free diamond rewards for completing them.

Anyway, if you lose a match, you will be brought to play in endless training mode.
By playing there, you will be rewarded with a ton of cash
You can do this while sleeping since you set your phone screen to never sleep
At this point, just plug it in and let the game sit open for awhile.
In the morning, you can come back to the game to harvest for a bunch of easy cash.


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