Win Match to Earn Big Tokens and Cash in All Star Quarterback iPhone

Full Fat is now coming back with its newest game, bundled in a pack of All Star Quarterback
This game is a fusion between player-management and QB simulation game where you will have to train, plan, and manage your squad to play against your rivals team for tokens and glory

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On the other side, you will also handle your relationships with your fans, train your body, practice your plays to be the ultimate quarterback ever

At the beginning of the game, you will be served with the game’s tutorial, where you are forced into a game against another team.
Here, you will often lose these initial games, as your QB is not getting stronger yet.
Later on, you will replenish your stamina and show you how to improve your squad strategy.

By practicing more, you will be able to level your team up
Also, it will decrease the stamina cost and risk of the play that you can do by waiting for the arrow above the receiver to turn green, then slide towards him.

At this point, be sure to do that perfectly so that you will level up all of your available plays at least once
Here, getting them to level 2 will decrease the stamina cost by 5%, in that it will let you stay in the game for much longer.

Always work out to increase your main stats namely agility, speed, and strength.
In line with this, increasing these stats will unlock more plays, so it will highly be recomended to keep these leveled as fast as possible.

You can level up agility by waiting for the boxes on the left and right sides to fill up.
Then, tap them when they are filled quickly to get points as high as possible.
You can increase speed stat by tapping when your QB is over the dash lines.
At the same time, you can try to time it perfectly to get more points
Also, increasing strength can be done by tapping the boxes as fast as you can.

Furthermore, your reputation is represented by the social tab.
This reputation will allow you to see how well your fans, the media, your team, and your coach like you.
You should keep these values up because they will earn you more cash and fans, that will come to more wages in the long run.

Getting more stamina will increase the reputation of one of these categories.
So, just keep in touch with society to attract sponsors as you become more popular as having sponsors will be a great way to increase wages as well

Meanwhile, this game will require energy resource or stamina that you will need to do some actions in a match
Once it runs out it will take a time to regenerate automatically.
Alternatively, you can spend cash to purchase energy drinks to refill your stamina

Anyway, by the end of the tutorial your income per game should be at least 15, in which it will be enough to get the cheapest energy drink from it.

Note that you have to balance out your stamina that you can do by working on your plays, training, and social stats equally.
You can also try to throw in a game here and there to earn some cash for energy drinks

For further, you can purchase gloves on the main screen that will give passive bonuses to your base stats.
Having these gloves will be great for tackling a tough team, and you can get the house courtesy of your awesome coach as the first pair

In addition, in order to make more extra cash in this game, you can bet your cash in the casino such as roulette, slots, or blackjack.
If you are lucky in betting in the casino, you can try some minigames for having a chance to get some extra cash from there.


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