Where to Get Magicite in Mobius Final Fantasy iPhone

Recently, a new franchise of Final Fantasy adventure has come to the ios and android stores
This brand new series is called as Mobius Final Fantasy, the next big mobile game developed by Square Enix, the creator behind Final Fantasy series

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Similar to the previous series, it brings magicite as a special currency which generates automatically
In line with this, the magicite generator can cap out at 100 magicite
After having few of them, you can use them in the shop to expand your card slots, card bank, or tickets

Here, you will also be assigned to collect cards where you can switch them out cards in the experience bonus slot.

Every single card here will gain bonus experience after having a fight through a level
For such reasons, always put the card to level up first in this slot
Always check your cards to see if they have reached maximum level.
Sometimes, you may think to swap in another card to move the maxed out card to any other slot of your deck.

Later on, you will deal with the boss, which will prove that they are quite the challenge.
It is caused by be sure that your currently selected job can draw element orbs which match the boss’ element with a deck with ability cards that can hit the bosses weakness, in which you should take full advantage of break and element drive when fighting against them

On the other side, you can sacrifice stored element orbs to reduce the amount of damage you take from the corresponding element for a limited number of turns.
If you can do so well, you can survive against the later bosses

Besides, selecting job class is important as it can draw element orbs matching the boss’ elemental type.
Also, you must have enough stock of element orbs to do an element drive right off the bat.

According to this, you can utilize element drive to manipulate the kind of orbs you may be about to draw.
In accordance with this, try to use element drive to reduce the chances where you are about to draw the corresponding element orb
Plus, use element drive to stock up a specific element.

In order to build a balanced deck, try to have some different elements in your deck.
Every card in this game comes along with a default amount of skillseeds
Anyway, you can also unlock additional skillseeds from that card.
To do so, make sure to fuse the card, which will give you a chance to unlock more skillseeds.
You can also get a lot of skillseeds from one element by using a deck full of that element type.


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