Where to Find Keys and Continue Tokens in Nono Islands Cheats iPhone

Illusion Labs will take you to the expedition to the Nono Islands, the islands which are far from uninhabited of human beings

nono islands walkthrough ios android

Nono Islands can be said as a simple one-touch game where you will have to time your movements to avoid all of the dangers in the islands for treasure.

Along the game, you will be looking for the treasures which are guarded by the Nonos and their squad such as the spiders, the sharks, the jumping skulls and many others.

To get the treasures, you will have to try to to pass them in any other way
Besides, you will also have to stay alert of the hidden traps such as the spikes, flying darts, sawblades and boulders.

Early on this game, just take each step one at a time, and do not rapidly tap on the screen
Always, keep your eyes open for obstacles and hazards during the game.

When making a step, you must be alert of the red tiles, the tiles that are tinted red indicating danger to pass by.

In line with this, before going to one of these platforms, just wait a second while scanning around the environments.
Sometimes, you will see a moving enemy that stops on that tile
And, you may see a dart or spike trap nearby that affects that tile.

When you are about to take a wrong turn, you can go backwards where you were before
To do this, just swipe down on the screen to get your character hop back.

But, if you are doing too many steps, you will end up falling into the water.
Before falling over the ledge, just go hurry to swipe down as if you are trying to move backwards.
Do it fast, so that your character can grab back onto the previous tile.

Throughout the game, be sure to gather up all the key pieces and treasure maps
With this treasure maps, you will easily to get the chest key pieces as they will be on the main path
With these keys, you can unlock the secret level.
By completing the secret level, you will be granted with more rewards in form of an extra continue token

Once getting your continue tokens, you must use them wisely like restarting the last checkpoint reach
In each level, you can create a checkpoint that requires one token.

At any point when you die in a level, you can restart from the last checkpoint that you have accomplished before.

Later on, you must try to beat a level without using a continue token since the token is hardly to get
Generally, you can get these continue tokens for free by completing the secret treasure map levels.
Additionally, you can purchase these continue tokens from iap store


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