Where to Find Comix in Con Man The Game iPhone

If you like watching the popular show Con Man, you may have known that a game related to the show called Con Man The Game has been available on the apple store that you can play on the ios devices

con man the game walkthrough ios android

Similar to the show, you will be assigned to place place VIP booths, attract cosplayers, hire staff, then beat marauding aliens in the sci-fi show Spectrum

In the way of your journey to be a comic book convention manager and to complete every quest in the game, you will have to build too many booths to maximize profits which will earn you comix that can be said as the premium currency of this game.

According to this, just build what you can and demolish them later so that you can have extra space for building the booths.
In the mean time, build the booths to get most profits
Note that you should remember where you place them

Once making progresses through the game, you will need more trash cans
Here, if you place the trash cans away from the crowds, you will have less people complaining when they get full.

When you see your guard stay at the door for 5 minutes, you may see the old lady to strike that guard.
To deal with this, just instruct your staff to perform actions right before you quit playing whereby you will get all the bonuses when you get back
Thus, there is no negative effects from events like the old lady performing the strike to the guard.

On the other side, when your heroes get low on health, leave the game and go back later to get full health for them.
Besides, if you spend in-game more time, more aliens will attack where you must fight them.

When dealing with, you can still win the battles easily though your heroes have 30% health left
It is caused by the game will grant you heart boosts during the fights time.

Meanwhile, comix can be said the premium currency of this game
In order to get them more, make sure to complete the quest as you will get more rewards from the quest completion
Moreover, you will get the rewards in form of comix.

To increase the rewards, make sure to collect all bonuses offered by the game
You can get them from the option to throw that rad nerdy party to get extra XP and coins
Then, you can collect the bags and rewards as well

In addition, just try to keep tracking the timers and log in then game regularly to maximize your rewards in the game
Plus, you will also be able to make a fast progress by doing that action in daily basis


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