Ways to Get More Gems for Value Pack in Dungeon Legends iPhone

Dungeon Legends from Digital Things SL can be said as a a true action RPG that will take you to go through the ultimate dungeon-crawling experience on ios devices.

dungeon legends walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you will guide a Dwarf to explore each area while fighting against enemies with a variety of skills

Later on, you can also challenge your friends in real time in the arena to be a legend of the dungeons.
In your journey, you will explore some levels to look for gold and glory
And, you will be able to take part in the challenges in co operative mode where you can join a clan to fight against enemies altogether

To play as your style, you have to develop your skills whether to be a warrior, healer or defender in this game.

When battling with enemies in this game, you can try to turn the tables, while leading enemies into traps, or fighting near them.
Doing this will make them take loads of damage

To level up your hero fast, be sure to train your hero to gain a permanent boost in the stat
At this point, you must prioritize to level up strength, physical and magical defense first
Strength increases your auto attack damage that will be useful when farming gold in each area
Meanwhile, physical and magical defense will improve your defenses against respective attacks.

When exploring every area in this game, be sure to take a moment to explore side rooms where you will find out some objects to destroy, such as barrels, weapon racks, and more.
Those objects will give you a bunch of gold to grab

During the game, you will be served with some missions to complete
Usually, you will get three active missions at once in which you must complete them for having more gold and even gems, the premium currency of this game

Always learn some skills that may give you advantage when dealing with enemies
To survive in the battle, you can learn the support skills, such as Heal and Iron Body.
Once getting enough gold, just spend them to purchase some skills for your own safety.

To get more gold and gems, you can go for harder levels since they will give you more currencies
But, always stay alert of something ahead as the enemies will get stronger and the traps more deadly when exploring them

On the other side, you can even send an explorer to find treasure the dungeons
Doing this while you are not in the game since your explorer will still give you gold to collect


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