Ways to Get Easy Gold Gems Ambrosia in Olympus Rising iPhone

Olympus Rising made by flaregames can be categorized into a new city-building and strategy game with addictive action MMO for the ios and android users

olympus rising walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you will be brought to take part in the epic battle for Mount Olympus and you may be able to cast spells from the power of the Gods

With your abilities, you may have to take over distant lands with an army of heroes
Then, you can build an impenetrable base to keep your friends walking into it smoothly

Here, you will control a hero and armies to conquer various islands for the gold, gems, ambrosia and any source of tributes, as well as some rewards and quest completion bonuses.
So keep on battling to get a quick progress in the game to get more currencies in form of gold, gems ambrosia

During int the battle, always try to have a hero in each group of islands
If your hero is in the longer the distance, he will have to travel from an island to another It means that he will need more Ambrosia
Thus, the main point is to try keeping a hero in each group to have them near the islands so that you can spend as little Ambrosia as possible.

To get easy gold and ambrosia, just go to the coin icon indicated by the Collect All button, which allows you to collect everything.

Besides, if you need the other currency, go to the map screen then send your hero to one of your conquered islands to guard it.
It is caused by the guarded islands will always produce more resources in automatic

Later on, you will then unlock a multiplayer mode to allow you to build your next path
In line with this, you can place barriers right next to the towers you are currently building
Doing so will make the towers have a longer effect because of the blockading provided by the barriers.

At the same time, you can try to combine the tower varieties, and tangle up the path as much as you can
If you can do this, your opponents will walk on long path first before reaching your gate.

Meanwhile, you can make a fast progress by building a suggested building through the current upgrades icon
Moreover, you can also get a new hero, upgrade a type of troop, or reequip the Guard of Thanatos, that can protect your Mount Olympus.

In accordance with this, you have to focus on conquering and accumulating gold until you can perform the upgrade.

On the other side, you can take part in an alliance, which allows you to do additional quests.
And, creating your own alliance will need a lot of gems.
To get more gems, you can complete the quests
Always consider to accomplish a construction project, which will give you a lot of rewards.

For further, you must also defend your base by building a road with some turns
Plus, make sure to set your towers in the first 33% of the road which will make some distance between the waves of troops your attacker calls in.

Also, set the barriers at the start of the loop
Placing towers on the other side of the road will make the archers stop and attack the tower so that it will cause damage to them
And, it will give more chances for melee fighters to take out the barrier.
You can place two towers for each loop and barrier there

If the enemies try to take over your base, always aim to delay the enemies for as long as possible
To make a better defense, you may have all your defenses built far away from the gate and tweak your defenses with any means necessary

For such reasons, it provides your gate time to produce a bunch of defenders, while thinning the attacker lines as well

When you are about to invade the other base, try to bring some melee fighters along with two archers and summon melee troops
You may also need to delay your attack which will give you a space to get closer to your starting zone, so that the summoned troops will arrive there fast.

It means that, if all your troops are defeated there when being at the middle of the battle, you must wait a while before the newly summoned troops are coming in
During there, you may need to call in back-up to replenish your lost troops as quick as possible.
Also, try to mix it with smart usage of your power-ups to get your victory at ease

Because this game is a pretty slow-paced game, you must take a time to attack the other`s base when you have the Ambrosia
You may also have to log regularly to defend your conquered islands since it will supply more resources for your base and troops

Gems and gold here are the main currencies that you can get for free by completing mission or tasks
Gold is easy to get than gems in which you will be rewarded with gems by completing every battle and getting the victory there


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