Water Daily to Grow Plant Fast in Viridi iPhone

Ice Water Games has a different game called Viridi, a plant growing simulator game for the ios and android paltforms

viridi walkthrough ios android

Here, you are assigned to grow up a plant on the pot in your virtual garden
In the beginning of the game, you pick your pot and starter plants
When doing so, you must select one of a variety of different pots, which are three different groups of starter plants.

After picking one of them and having a name for it, your first plants will automatically be planted then you must take care of them.

To grow up the plant, watering is the only way to make it happen
When doing so, you can zoom in or out by pinching and rotate the pot by dragging the screen with your finger.

At that time, you need a convenient spray bottle to water the plant.
Just select each plant in turn by tapping on it so that you will know its current status.

Make sure to water a thirsty plant by tapping the spray bottle icon in the lower-right corner
Always try to zoom in a plant long enough to have a plant’s health in the long term

On the other side, tapping the icon in the bottom-left corner of a selected plant will allow you to pull a plant out of the pot.

In order to add more plants to the pot, tap the menu accessed with clear circle icon.
Have more seedlings in your inventory to plant in the pot
Here, just tap the plant icon, and the game will guide you to place the seed in the right pot

To have more seedlings, just use the greenhouse icon to visit the Nursery, a place to get a free seedling weekly


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