Watch Videos to Get Stars for High Score in Seashine iPhone

Seashine from Pated can be said as a new endless swimmer game, where you will guide a jellyfish to dive and explore a mysterious underworld and absorb all the light to survive along the game

seashine basic guides apple watch iphone

During in your journey, you will make your way through stages full of obstacles while collecting all of the little shiny sea creatures to score up as high as you can and to keep your energy meter high

All you will do in this game is to swipe in the direction that you want to go.
Just swipe in the direction of the light sources and gather them up.
Do never miss them or your light goes out
So, just keep swiping to go back for them since you will not know when your next light source will come up.

In your journey, if you see a large, round, circular area with no outlet, be sure to go back quickly
It is caused by a shark is about to come out and attack you.
Also, every time, you open a treasure chest they will eat you, so be sure that you bolt after you open the chest to prevent from being eaten.

When trying to complete your goal, be sure to collect every single star along the game
With all stars you have got, you can power up your character.
Besides, you will also be able to purchase an antidote power up, or a shockwave to push creatures away.
In line with this, you can also get a permanent speed boost to get away from those creatures
At the same time, you have to move more quickly toward the light sources in the first place.

In order to get free stars in this game all you will do is to watch advertisement videos
Every time, you have seen such video, you will get three stars
Thus, just keep watching ad videos to get stars as much as you can

The main point to play this game is to keep moving forward and collecting the light creatures.
You will see some of the paths in a little better than others
And, some paths are pitch black, whereby you must feel around to step up where you are going next.


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