Watch Videos to Get More Lives in Rolling Sky iPhone

Rolling Sky developed by Turbo Chilli can be categorized into a new endless game which you can play both on the iOS and Android mobile.

rolling sky walkthrough ios android

Throughout the game, all you will do is to tilt your phone`s screen to roll a little ball as far as you can, while avoiding obstacles and pitfalls along the way

In other words, you will merely drag left and right to avoid obstacles and stay on the track to get into the end portal.

In this game, you will start with 20 balls, which can be said as the lives.
During the game, you will be notified how many balls do you have left.
And, when the account comes to zero, you must wait for the lives to be restored fully.

Alternatively, if you want your lives back without waiting, you can simply watch an advertisement video to get 10 free lives

Along the game, you will be tasked to go through five different levels
But, you do not need to beat a level to unlock the next level.
You can then go to the level select screen to select one of the five levels, and tap it to play it.

Along with the level five, the obstacles will come with more of a visual trickery than actual roadblocks.

When dealing with the levels, always keep your eyes open of the pattern of the various surfaces and objects on each level
If you can do it well, you can know and remember where you can move to avoid them and go through that level in one piece

Always make sure to watch out the surfaces that fall as soon as you touch them.
In the mean time, focus on the texture of each surface in which it can break away since it comes along with a different texture than the surface when you cross it.

In addition, do not overshoot the jumps from side to side when hopping from platform to another.
For such reasons, doing jumps can be easy to overshoot when flying through the air

At that time, you will have no idea how far to get to the side and where you must move as the starting step


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