Watch Videos to Get More Lives Hearts in Linebound Life on The Line iPhone

Linebound: Life on the Line developed by Crazy Labs has now been popular as a new endless line-running game specifically designed for the iPhone and iPad.

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Along the game, you will have to accomplish the main goal that is to is simply to go as far as you can on the randomly generated line, while avoiding all of the obstacles and collecting as many points as possible.

In related to the points, you will be able to apply two methods of collecting points in this game.
Firstly, the points that you earn as you go further and further by keep playing this game in certain times
Secondly, you can collect the white dots throughout the stage.
In line with this, gathering up all of the white dots will allow you to maximize the points scored per distance gone.

On the other side, this game will feature hearts as your lives to continue playing in one stage to another one
For such reasons, you should keep on the lookout for lives throughout the stage in which you can colect more hearts and add them to your stash.

Then, if you die on a stage, you can use a heart in order to revive and continue playing for point
Therefore, try to save your lives until you make a good progress in the game, then you can use them when you die in a stage.

If you need more hearts in this game without spending your money, you can always go to the IAP store and choose to watch an advertisement video.
In each ad video equates to one free life that you can earn by simply watching it.

Moreover, by scoring up more points, you will fill a bar at the bottom of the screen and once the bar fills up, you will get a free life.
Afterward, the bar will then reset then you need to fill it up once again.

Anyway, if you cannot accomplish a stage, this game will allow you to restart up to two times per stage in which it will require amount of heart.
However, restarting a stage will need you to use one heart as you do it the first time
Next, you will need to use three hearts when you do it the second time.
Later on, when you die, you die in a stage, you can use your lives wisely
So, just do not waste them if you are having a bad round to begin playing it.

Sometimes, when you go to the Game Center area you will see some people put their high score there
In accordance with this score, some of them have hacked the game for having the highest score
And, you can also see some people who actually got real life high scores by playing in each stage in a fair way.
To know who gets the real score, you can scroll down to where the scores begin to drop below 100,000 as they are be the real scores that they have got in fair way.


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