Watch Videos to Get More Gems in The Walls Ketchapp iPhone

Ketchapp has just launched their newest game called The Walls on the apple store
This game can be categorized into a new level-based game which you can play on the iOS and Android devices

the walls walkthrough ios android

In this game, all you will do is to change directions at the right time and follow the path to the end of the level whie gather ups some gems to unlock new balls.

When performing your action, be sure not to fall off the edges in which you must bounce carefully between the walls and follow the path until reaching the exit of each level

In line with this, just tap the screen at the right moment to move the ball on the next path.
As said earlier, you will merely bounce between walls until you tap the screen to change direction
And, tapping at the wrong time will make you go rolling right off of the level.

Early on the levels, you will be allowed to bounce off of the walls as you like before tapping the screen to catch the next path.

Then, once reaching level 10 in the game, the walls will lower and drop if you bounce off of them too many times.
Therefore, you can try to aim for quickness, whereby you will be ready when the walls start to drop later on in the next levels.

Meanwhile, the speed of the ball often increases once progressing through the levels
Anyway, you need some practice by replaying the older levels
If you want to farm more gems, you can do that trick

On the other side, you will have to collect gems to purchase a new ball, which is a different color than other balls
Or, you can purchase a new core for your ball with a different design.
You will spend 100 gems for any purchase that you make.

In order to get 20 free gems, just watch the ad video in the video link popping up randomly after you lose at a level
There, just go to the shop area and find the video link.

If you want to get more the video link, just play a couple rounds then go back to the shop area to get those videos pop up again.
Later on, just keep tapping the video icon to farm more free gems.


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