Watch Videos to Get More Crystals Shards in Breakneck iPhone

Breakneck for PikPok can be categorized into a fast paced endless racing game which is mainly made for iOS devices

breakneck walkthrough ios android

When flying on the track, you can snag the coins in columns foreground as opposed to coins in rows background.

During in your flight, you will see gold coins, which sometimes can lead you astray.
you will see some coins planted alongside buildings at very strange angles

When doing your action, just ignore the coins positioned almost horizontally against buildings
Besides, you must focus on scooping up the coins placed out in neat little lines

If you are about to screenshot a barrel roll, try to change directions in order to get these coins quickly.
At this point, just tap the left and right sides of the screen signals your jet to angle to the left or right smoothly.

Doing a double-tap the left and right sides of the screen can perform a barrel roll maneuver
It will be a fast-spin ability that is a bit reckless, but it can save you as well.

Having a barrel roll will instantly reverse your momentum without requiring you to slow down your jet.
Using barrel rolls will be useful when you suddenly see a building collapsing ahead of you, or you need to change direction fast.

Meanwhile, if you drive close to objects, your jet will charge up your vehicle’s boost ability.
Thus, just try to drive for as long as possible while collecting boosts to survive in each level

On the other side, shards will be the main currency of this game that will be useful to upgrade your jet

You will also be allowed to get some free shards by watching advertisement videos
Later on, if you are about to get those shard, just wait the momentum where the ad video shows up in the middle of the game


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