Watch Videos to Get More Coins Boosters in Road Surfers Dash iPhone

Pixelmob has introduced an runner game bundled in Road Surfers Dash A Real Car Race Sim Endless Racing Rush designed for ios and android soon

road surfers dash walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will travel around the world and race on locations from all over tracks.
During the race, you will drive on platforms as well as performing jumps, slides, mirror to mirror lane changing and gather up coins

After playing in some stages, you can unlock new cars such as Hummer, Viper, Ford GT, Lambo which are faster, more responsive and coming along with better handling.

Here, you will also need some boosters that will get you to watch the advertisement videos
Often times, it can happen when you crash during a level, at the end of a level, and so on.

Anyway when this thing comes again you can agree to watch the video, but when the actual video appears, just hit the X button at the top right corner to close the advertisement but you will still collect the bonus

Just do this especially at the end of a level, which prompts you to double your total coins by watching an ad.

If you have collected enough coins through each race and watching ad videos, be sure to keep them for new cars
Also, do not use them to upgrade the temporary power ups as you can still use a boost for all the levels
So, just save your coins to get better cars as the top priority.

Then, with your coins, you can use them to unlock super power ups such as mighty turbo boost, protective shield or extra live that will help you the finish line with safe.

On the other side, when swiping up to jump, you can try to swipe down mid-air to bring your car back down faster than normal.
It will be useful for mistimed jumps, hazards, and more actions.

Along the race, be sure to gather up some extra coins as fast as you can
In line with this, you will get a coin multiplier for gathering up a lot of coins in the race track.
If you can keep this up, you will have higher multiplier, but it is fairly hard to get it past x2.

At the beginning of the game, you will have to be very fast when gathering those coins.
If you find a row of coins has ended, try to get the next one, then get to it as fast as possible.
But, if you have only about two seconds before your multiplier starts to decay, which at that point filling it up again it will reset the multiplier at the recent level.

Meanwhile, in certain stages, you will find lottery tickets that will give you some helpful boosts that you have to pick them up.
When finding them, they will come along with a golden aura around them.
And, they are sometimes tucked away between cars and other hard-to-reach places
Thus, stay alert of them and collect them when it is possible


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