Watch VIdeos to Get Gold Cash in Flight Alert iPhone

If you want to be a pilot and you do not learn out there, you may try this simulation game of how fly and land a plane in the middle of a crisis safely

flight alert walkthrough ios android

this game is called Flight Alert, a flight simulator game which will bring you to safely pilot a plane onto the landing strip in one piece.

To accomplish your objective, you will go through some obstacles in your way, where you must dodge it all to get the main point of this game

To successfully fly and land the plane, you will control it by your iDevice’s gyroscope.
You will use tilts gently and do not go overboard with your movements

It is caused by putting too much emphasis on moving your device will make your plane to get out of control
So, just try to correct your course and be gentle with the tilts to use small movements

Early on the level, you will be allowed to fly with a standard plane, tier 1 plane
All you will do with this plane is to try controlling it while collecting gold coins by completing every objective

Once having 18,000 coins, you will be able to get tier 2 plane
Besides, you have to upgrade your existing plane into better stats

Gold seems to be the premium currency of this game that you can get with any other ways
In order to get free gold in the game, all you will do is to watch the videos

Besides, you can also get an option to get free gold leveling up your plane and completing each given mission in the game

When having a flight with your plane, you will see a border of blue lines from the sides of your plane.
Make sure to always stay within these lines to get a good grade at the end of a run.
Also, you match the height and do not descend too fast or go too slow
If you can stay within these lines, you will have a safe flight and accomplish the main objective

On the other side, you may get a permission to use your throttle and brakes, when you are about to approach the landing strip
When doing so, be sure to proceed to lower your throttle, the lever at the right side.

If you use the throttle higher, your plane will be travelling fast.
And, you can try to lower your throttle when approaching the strip, when you are about to land the plane

However, if you slow down enough before reaching the strip, your plane will land on the grass, that will not complete the main goal
Thus, playing this game is all about timing to use button in the correct ways

If you can follow and apply the above tricks, you can successfully complete the main objective and earn gold coins as much as possible to purchase new planes


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