Watch Videos to Get Gems in Adventure Company iPhone

Adventure Company is a new mining adventure game from Foursaken Media which is specially for the ios and android users

adventure company walkthrough ios android

Along the game, all you will do is to guide a fighter running a treasure hunting company
In other word, you will go through level after level while hunting for artifacts, recruiting new fighters, and eliminating enemies for gems and gold coins, the main currencies of this game.

Every time, you complete levels, you will see that the stars underneath your hero to fill in
And, when you have got specific amounts of stars, you can promote your hero to a new job.
At this point, just wait to promote them until having enough stars for the more expensive class

As said earlier, gems and coins are the premium currency of the game.
In the way of getting more gems for free, you merely watch videos
In line with this, just go to iaps and watch a video for five gems.

Before going to the battlefield, make sure to practice with your weapons
When practicing, focus on their range and how long it takes for your hero to deliver an attack.
Sometimes, the farmer will take awhile to wind up after tapping the attack button
Anyway, when she does attack, the weapon’s range is longer

Always check for new items in the shop.
You will need gems to get those items
For such reasons, just watch some videos to earn free gems.
You can also sell any weapons to earn some extra coins.

On the other side, you must get stars by completing the extra task at the top of the screen
With more stars, you will gain additional experience for your hero
Moreover, you will get more bonuses as well


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