Watch Videos to Get Gems Gold in Tower Knights! iPhone

Tower Knights! by Crazy Labs can be said as a tower defense game for the ios and android platforms where you have to defend your tower against massive hordes of nasty goblins and orcs trying to take over your castle up there

tower knights walkthrough ios android

In the mean time, you will also have to gather up gold and gems, upgrade your knight and his attacks abilities, then try to go through increasingly difficult levels.

To defend your castle, you will be equipped with a vast arsenal of weapons and spells.
With the weapons and spells, all you will do is to swipe your knight’s sword to eliminate all enemies one by one

Moreover, you can then use the princess’ magic to build new weapon-filled tower floors
Then, you will get to summon the fire-breathing dragon which will be handy to unleash vicious assassins to defeat the mages

So, try to plan your defense strategy well, get power ups to gain extra fighting skills and get victory in the battle which will earn you gems and gold, the main currencies of this game

In the way of battling with enemies, you may use the fireball power-up, which adds a couple of floors to the length of your tower
Doing so will allow you to have more room to work with.

As said earlier, gold and gems are the main currencies of this game
In order to get more gold coins quickly, just go to the coin menu of the in-app purchase store to access a button saying get free gold for watching a video.
Every time, you have a promotional video, you will earn a free 300 coins.
Moreover, watching the ad video will also allow you to double the rewards.

Once having enough gold coins, you can use them to upgrade your knight which will allows you to withstand more attacks, deliver tougher hits, and increase power to your special attacks.
By doing so, it will really help you to beat tough levels where there are incoming tough enemies going up there

On the other side, you may have to unlock more powers, heroes and tower defenses by going through from one island to another
In line with this, you will be able to unlock the hero Rogue, the strongest hero in the game through iaps

Meanwhile when fighting against enemies in each level, you can use the strategy called as a hit and run
Applying this strategy will allow you to unleash the most damage while taking the least damage from incoming enemies.

Deliver the attack and go back off while healing up your HP hero a bit then move again
At the same time, you can use your spinning slash to deliver a lot of damage toward enemies
Note that, also consider to count the knock-back caused by your regular attack before using it
If you can do so well, you can aim it at the right moment.


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