Watch Videos to Get Gems Coins in The Prince Billy Bob iPhone

If you often play the clicker game on your phone, you may have to try The Prince Billy Bob which can also be included into a unique new clicker game designed for the iOS and Android devices.

the prince billy bob walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will guide a warrior with a helmet to go through some levels and beat enemies along the quests.

When completing every quest in this game, you will get coins and gems as money to purchase better weapons which will really help you complete your quests at ease
In line with this, these quests will then be your primary way of earning gems

Every time you upgrade the quests, you will also get more money from them
Then, with all money you have earned through the quests, you can then use them to purchase the next quests to earn more gems from them.

In related to this, you can also get the auto quest upgrade for each quest, so that you can keep making money while you are out of the game.

In this game, the enemies will never attack your knight back
For such reasons, you can keep questing for as long as you want
Also, be sure to upgrade the weapons to beat enemies much easier

As usual, gems can be said as the premium currency of this game
In order to earn free gems quickly, just go to the item screen and tap one of the two free gems buttons.

One of that buttons will give you offers that you can complete for free gems
On the other side, one of them will serve you the ad to watch, which will give you between 20 and 80 gems for free.
By watching the ad video, you can also get free coins

You will get some coins based upon which quests you have unlocked and how far you have upgraded them.
Meanwhile, your character will get keys that you can use to go to to new floors
Besides, you can also get free keys by reincarnating your character.

If you reincarnate, you will lose your weapons and quests, but you can still have your gems, keys and your pets.

By reincarnating, you can get through the game easily, since you have the relics which you can get with your keys.

In order to get new relics, just go to the treasure area
These relics may increase your character`s stats, such as your attack power
With these relics, you can also get more gold from quests which you have completed every time you play with your character.

In addition, you can also increase your critical rate, your critical damage, increase attack speeds, decrease quest time or upgrade costs, and increase the amount of gold you will get when you go for questing to beat any enemies standing in your path


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