Watch Videos to Get Easy Star M Coins in Toy Defense 3 Fantasy iPhone

Toy Defense 3 Fantasy Castle Tower Defenders TD Strategy Game from Melsoft is the medieval-themed tower defense game for the ios and android devices

toy defense 3 fantasy walkthrough ios android

Here, you will defend your area armed with attacking towers, magic spells, and other valuable stuff to deal with dashing warriors, fearless archers, crafty goblins, and more

Along the game, you will have to collect m coins and stars which you can use to get myriad upgrades to your castle and your towers

You will deal with the ground and air attackers, whereby you should spread towers around evenly
In line with this, you can use the Greek Fire against clusters of small enemies
Use ballistas to deal with large attackers
Put wizards on the right position to deal with air enemies
And, place archers to eliminate incoming enemies trying to get closer your tower

At that time, if you notice that the countdown bar to the next wave starts, go hurry to tap the fast forward button to speed it up and get bonus mana as well
If you tap it earlier, you will get bigger mana bonus
Besides, you can always slow down or pause the wave if you see where the enemies will come from
For such reasons, you plan to start building towers at the right location.

As said before, you will get to earn M coins and stars which can be said as the main currencies of this game

In order to get more M-coins easily, you can merely watch an ad video
Also, you can complete offers.
At this point, just go to the IAP store menu, tap the free M-coins tab, and watch video ads
In the mean time, you can connect the game to social networks, such as Facebook to get M coins as bonus
To get more m coins, you can install the other Toy Defense games for free M-coins in exchange.

Later on, you may get to go through the sixth wave to unlock Castles and Magic
With these circumstances, you can purchase targeted magic spells and passive upgrades for the castle and towers.

In related to the upgrades, you will have damage increases for all towers, shields for the castle, and mana price drops for defense towers.

On the other side, you may have tested your skill to compete with the other players online
To play with other players online, you can merely log into Facebook to enter tournament mode.
If you have high ranking when participating in this mode, you will get more stars as a reward


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