Watch Videos to Get Diamonds Gold Power up Soda World Your Soda Inc iPhone

Soda World developed by Soulgame Information can be said as a new management game for the ios and android devices where you will merely bottle and sell soda from the cheapest one in a single country then expand your business to get the most expensive flavors of soda in countries worldwide

soda world walkthrough ios android

In this game, you can invite more people to go to your area where you must firstly construct and upgrade buildings then hold soda celebrations to expand your soda business.

When producing soda, you may find soda machine to overheat at some point.
To solve this, just tap the thermometer to watch an ad for it to cool off fast
Besides, you can use diamonds to get the machine to cool off quickly as well

When upgrading the soda machine and unlock flavor, you will work on constructing buildings to invite more people to come to your country, so that they can purchase more soda which will increase your income in form of coins and diamonds.
Later on, those people will tell other people to come to your area

Your income will then increase rapidly when you have multiple territories
It is caused by, you will have most heavily populated country for celebrations which will earn you more coins
Moreover, after constructing your buildings in a particular country, you will get the wish quests in that country to soda celebrations.

In order to make more coins and diamonds, you can try to boost your soda sales
According to this, just go to the construction menu, build the recommended building or upgrade, then close out
Afterward, go back in again and repeat that action to boost your soda sales.

Keep doing so until running out of money, and do that over and over.
Note that each building in this game is tied to a wish
Thus, even if the wish has not been stated by a citizen yet, the wish will keep showing up in the wish list as it is completed fully.

As usual, this game will still feature the main currencies in form of coins and diamonds
In order to get them for free, you can merely watch an ad video
And, if you can access the hourglass, you will get money and hearts fast.

Meanwhile, watching such ad will grant you power ups which will help you complete the mission easily
You can get the robotic arm that will fill the warehouse full of soda in automatic way
Plus, having the alien ship will fill all of your vending machines automatically
You can do this if you activate it to work on.


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