Watch Videos to Get Diamonds for Free in Zebra Evolution iPhone

Again, Tapps has continue to launch their newest clicker game called as Zebra Evolution on the apple store and android market recently

zebra evolution walkthrough ios android

This game is a new animal themed clicker game, where you will have to evolve zebras into mutant zebras, then change it into even weirder and crazier ones.
In the mean time, you will also be tasked to collect a bunch of gold and diamonds.

Early on the game, go to the main zebra store to get zebras coming out of the box.
If your zebras are in max evolution higher level, the higher level of the stuff will appear in the stores in which you can keep buying better zebras for fast evolution.

Gold and diamonds here will be function as the main currencies of this game
In order to earn gold, just turn off your phone’s into auto sleep so that the screen will stay on.
Afterward, turn on the game again, and leave it open when the whole screen is full of zebras.
Once doing so, you will earn coins from all of their poop there

Alternatively, you can also earn a lot of coins by going to the zebra in the most evolved, in that they are the ones in higher than the base jungle level

Once getting them, just tap them quickly, over and over again.
Because of this, you will get coin drops which will be worth as much as 1,000 or even 10,000 coins at a time.
If you get higher evolution level, you will get higher chance to get an amazingly rare poop which will turn into more gold coins.

Except gold coins, diamonds or gems are the premium currency of this game.
Basically, you can gradually get small quantities of gems by watching the ad videos
In line with this, just go to the main IAP screen and watch free videos to get a diamond each.

For further, if you want to earn more diamonds for free, just keep watching the ad videos until they run out, then go back later and do it again.

After having more gems, you can now purchase new outfits for your various zebra evolution in the store.
These outfits will only be a little more customization and they will give a different look when you are playing this game


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