Watch Videos to Earn More Gems in Bigfoot Hunter A Camera Adventure iPhone

Bigfoot Hunter A Camera Adventure has presented a new game twist on the ios which gets you to hunt exotic animals with cameras.

bigfoot hunter walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will take a role as a wildlife photographer trying to shoot pictures of animals and to catch the elusive Bigfoot from National Park to the Sasquatch Shores then track down the fabled beast and all his wild friends there.

Each time, you can catch them with photo, you will get points
So, be sure catch them as accurate as possible.

However, you will have a limited amount of snaps when trying to shoot them
In accordance with this, if you miss too many times, you will run out of snaps.
Besides, your combo will go up as you successfully take consecutive pictures
And, if your combo increases, your score per picture will increase as well.

You must consider to each photo of an animal to count
At this point, the animal you want to take a shot must be at least partially within the reticule of your camera.

For such reasons, you must upgrade your camera especially for the size of the reticule, so that it will make it easier to get animals in your shot.
Later on, you can also photo Bigfoot and get multiple animals in one picture.

Each time, you can complete the mission, you will get gems and coins as rewards
Moreover, you can get more coins by watching an advertisement video

In order to get the best angle, you can adjust your view that you can do by tilting your phone or dragging your finger on the screen.
Doing this will give you the best accuracy to shoot animal by tilting the phone.

Sometimes, your view will get knocked off kilter when you get hit with objects thrown at you by animals, like pinecones thrown by squirrels or mud thrown by Bigfoot.
To deal with this, you must use your finger to readjust it so that you can tilt your phone stable.

Every action you take will need energy
And, you can restore your energy for free by watching an advertisement video.
Or, if you have enough gems, you can use it to regenerate your energy
In order to get gems, you can watch the ad videos, or you can purchase gems through iaps


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