Watch Videos to Earn More Diamonds Coins in Billion Hunter iPhone

Billion Hunter – Casual Clicker game to Clash Monsters from Mostcore can be said as the funniest and cutest casual clicker game made with the best animation dedicated to the ios and android users

billion hunter walkthrough ios android

In other words, this game is categorized into a new 3D clicker RPG where all you will do is to kill monster after monster to get more money
Your collected money will be useful to purchase and upgrade new heroes
And, you can use them to load up on special weapons which can deal massive amounts of damage to tougher enemies.

To play this game, try to maximize the speed of your taps.
In line with this, you can try tapping the screen with two alternating fingers as fast as you can
Doing so will deliver more damage than tapping with just one finger

In the way of making money in this game, your other heroes will still give you money while the game is offline, in which the game must be closed out completely first.

Just do not get the game minimized, or you will not earn any money or coins when you go back to the game.
Otherwise, just close the game and then re-open it, which will earn you a lot of money in form of coins when you log back into the game.

Each time you are playing this game, you will see the random boxes to drop in the middle of the play
These random boxes will be highlighted by a targeting crosshairs
At this point, if your upgrading menu is open, you may miss half of the ones that come up in the middle of the play
This will happen as they appear on the right side of the screen a good chunk of the time.

Coin and gems or diamonds seem to be the main currencies of this game
In order to get some easy coins, all you will do is to watch a video by tapping a video icon showing up on the right side of the screen
There, you can watch the video, which will you earn either a large coin bonus or a five diamond bonus.

Gems or Diamonds seems to be the premium currency of the game, that will be useful to get all kinds of bones in the yellow treasure menu, such as free coins or other power-ups for your characters.

On the other side, you will also be objected to accomplish quests to unlock the ability to time travel, that will reset the game and give you space cubes, the green blocks, and permanent multipliers as well as bonuses, that you can get from the green menu.

Besides, you are also allowed to get new abilities, or upgrade such abilities to increase their effect when they are used during in your action.


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