Watch Videos to Earn Khorium Coins in Galaxy Reavers iPhone

Galaxy Reavers- Sliding Starships, Tactical Space RTS is the 3D Space RTS from Good net technology offering a promising of a new space battle RPG for the ios and android devices.

galaxy reavers walkthrough ios android

Here, you will guide a fleet of ships to battles across a wide area
Meanwhile, you will manage the movement and equipment of your ships to maximize their power in battle.
In line with this, you can power up your ships with components, and send them to go through planets and solar systems for collecting coins and Khorium, the premium currencies in the game.

Along your journey, you will be able to pick up and equip a new item in battle
Then, every time they level up, they can equip more items
Therefore, keep having a journey when new spaces open up on your ships.

Sometimes, you may get stuck on a level, where you must go back to an older level
Doing so will allow you to get more loot to equip and more experience to level up your ships
For such reasons, you can do that to farm more currencies and level up your ships in the game

Besides, you will also be allowed to use your ship’s skills during in the battle with enemies on the sky
To use them, just tap your ship while it is in flight to know what the range is.
If you see an enemy ship is within range of your ship, just try to tap your skill to launch it
Do it to the cruiser to unleash a massive amount of damage to that ship.

Note that each skill of your ship will have the cooldown time after you have used them
Thus, tap back and forth between your ships to keep tabs on their cooldown times.

As said earlier, this game will feature khorium as the premium currency
In order to get them more free, just go to iaps and tap the option saying Watch more Advertisements for Free Khorium.
Every time, you have watched a promotional video, you will be granted with a bunch of khorium freely

With these khorium, you can use them to purchase new warships, weapon packages, and other stuff.
To get more free weapons, just tap the Gift” button to watch a video there
In the mean time, tap the Supplies button every eight hours to get free Khorium and gold coins.

On the other side, you will then be allowed to fit a limited number of ships into your fleet at a time.
You may want to swap out one ship for another that you can do by grabbing all of the added equipment from the old ship and stick the good stuff onto your new ship.
Here, you can also exchange the common stuff for free coins in the game.


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