Watch Videos to Earn Free Gold in MMX Hill Climb iPhone

MMX Hill Climb Off-Road Racing With Friends developed by Hutch Games can be included into a racing game which is specifically made for the ios and android devices

mmx hill climb walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will merely race your truck against your friends truck
At the same time, you will go for racking up distance, while gathering up some gold coins to unlock new cars, courses, and upgrade your existing cars.

To perform maneuver on the air, you must stay in control of your car
When going off of a jump, the gas pedal will be a tilt backwards pedal
And, the brake will be a tilt forwards pedal.

In order to tilt forward, you can simply let go off the game.
When doing so, you can try to land your car as flat to the next piece of track as possible
Because of this, you can go flat-out after making a better landing.

As usual, this game features two types of currency, which are gold and upgrade points
In the way of getting more gold, you can watch the promotional videos
When doing so, you can also collect your free gift
Plus, watching a promotional video will double your free gift when you are collecting it.
Besides, you must try to upgrade your vehicle in a 1:1 that can swap for gold.

After getting enough gold, you must do some upgrades toward your cars
At this point, do some upgrades to all of your cars’ characteristics at around the same pace.
Here, you will need more grip and better stability to have more speed so that your car will not flip easily.

On the other side, you may consider to work toward a record time on an old level
For such reasons, you can replay older level after doing some upgrades toward your car
If you can do it faster, you will be granted with better reward
Sometimes, you will be able to get more upgrade points from the level you try to accomplish

With gold you have collected from the game, you can purchase a brand new
You can also have new car by going through a specific level, then complete that level within the specified time limit.

Therefore, just go to the vehicle store and scroll over to the car with better specification in which it will help you complete all levels and achieve the main goal at ease


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