Watch Videos to Collect Gold Cubes in Gravity Switch iPhone

Gravity Switch from Ketchapp can be said as a taping game for the ios and android devices where you will merely travel as far as you can with the different power-ups to gain high score

gravity switch walkthrough ios android

Here, you will have to focus, concentration and precise timing when passing through from one obstacle to another.

Your main goal here is to go as far as you can without hitting a wall.
In the mean time, you will be able to get gold cubes, which you can use to unlock new cubes in the store.

With the intuitive one-tap controls, you can discover the ideal path through all the challenging mazes.
Along the game, you will guide a brick to slide along a path with shiftable gravity.
At this point, you can shift it up or down by tapping the screen

During the gameplay, you will have to collect gold cubes which are kind of the premium currency of this game
To get such gold cubes, you can simply watch the advertisement videos
By watching the ad video, you can win 30 free cubes.

Later on, you can win a free batch of cubes just by opening your free gift at various time intervals.
In line with this, just try to set your push notifications which will inform you when those cubes are ready to gather up.

After getting 200 cubes, you will get a chance to spin which will earn you a new cube coming in rarities from common to legendary cubes.
Common cubes will show up more frequently to collect
And, rare, epic and legendary ones can only be unlocked through iap store.

Meanwhile, to have smooth gameplay, you can use some power ups taht will help you complete the level at ease
In accordance with this, you may have to get the booming booster which will allow you to boost at any time for free
Also, the mighty magnet cube can then attract all of the gold cubes automatically

On the other side, you can get the challenge cubes whereby you must complete a certain amount of challenges first

Plus, if you can complete a challenge, you will be able to unlock a new scape, that can change the color of a level.

In line with this, the game will randomly scroll through scapes
And, every time you are playing there, you will earn 10 points
Anyway, you can turn on and off scapes which allows you to add or pull them out of the rotation for later levels.


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