Watch Videos Offers for Coins in Power Rangers Unite iPhone

Power Rangers franchise has now come to its newest series, that is Power Rangers Unite.
In this game, you and your rivals will face each other and lay cards on their five-by-two grid.

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Here, you can place unit cards such as rangers and powerful Zord robots on the front row in that they will give a good defense against enemy units directly opposite them.

Always remember that, if there is no enemy, the card can target the opponent’s health directly.
You will get victory if you can beat your enemies cards.

Meanwhile, you can also use the back row to activate various spells like drawing from the enemy’s discard pile or increasing a unit’s likelihood of scoring a critical hit.

Beside, you can place a ranger on the board in the civilian form to morph them into the Power Ranger form on the next turn.
In line with this, you can strategically manage your offensive units effectively.

Along the game, you must build your deck that you do by choosing from over 20 years’ worth of heroes, villains, and giant robots.

All of the decks will require money to purchase, but you can get most of them with in-game coins, the main currency of this game.
If you want to get more coins for free, just go to the “add coins” area where you will be guided to go to a Tapjoy offer screen.
Once being in this section, you must complete either the free offers, the paid offers or both for free power coins.

Moreover, if you want to get more offers, just go to Tapjoy site to find offers that involve downloading, installing and running a series of different apps.
At this point, you can try to run the apps and go back to Power Rangers unite then you will get free coins.
Note that all of these offers will be offered for free.

Basically, you will have to fill your deck with rare cards and uncommon cards, so be sure to replace the common cards as you earn them
On the other side, just try to look for various card combinations that can give you deck bonuses.
As an illustration, if you can combine all of the Rangers from the same series, you will earn a bonus for it.

Meanwhile, your deck with rangers that are out of uniform will be a good surprise attack.
Since they are weak out of uniform, you should double-tap them to transform them into their uniformed Power Ranger counterparts so that they will increase their statistics.
Make sure to have support cards that will be good for using small amounts of energy and they can boost your rangers on the board.

In addition, you can try to keep lots of single-attack cards in your deck.
Every time, you draw single-attack cards, try to pull them out and use them to knock out an enemy card in front of one of your rangers.
Afterward, your ranger has a clear space to attack the boss.
By beating the boss, you can win a round easily.


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