Watch Video to Get More Coins Fit the Fat 2 iPhone

Fit the Fat 2 is a new game from Five Bits which can be said as a jump rope timing game dedicated to the ios and android users

fit the fat 2 walkthrough ios android

Anyway, this game can be played like a full-fledged personal training game, where you will feed the fat guy, workouts and sleep to lose weight and get him in ideal shape.

Early on the game, you must read your steps and your logged workouts then apply the results to lose extra amounts of weight.
In line with this, just access the settings and connect it
Afterward, go back to the settings again to get step and workout rewards.

On the other side, if you see your character to run out the stamina, go hurry to put him to bed to recover
Besides, you can also use a stamina power-up to recover fast.

You can also finish the nap, by changing the time ahead by about half an hour after getting him to bed
Then, go back to the game and his stamina will be restored in full.

Meanwhile, coins seem to be the main currency of this game that you can get by tapping the free button to watch the ad videos.

When purchasing the healthy foods, tap on each individual item to see how much hunger is satisfied and how much fat is added to your character.

Make sure to tap on his weight to see the breakdown of fat
Check also his muscle and skinny that makes him up pounds or kilos.
After unlocking weight training exercises he will gain muscle and make his shape.


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