Watch Video to Get Hearts for New Characters in Go Go Fast iPhone

If you like playing an endless driving game on the ios and android devices, you may have known that Go Go Fast is available on the apple store and android market

In the game, you start to drive your scooter around, while collecting gas cans and delivering stuff as much as you can.
Also, you will pick up passengers, save lives, play as a goat, and so much more actions
Later on, you will also have to unlock new characters

During the game, if you hold down on the left side of the screen, you will move left
And, if you hold on the right side of the screen you will move to the right.

When you are about to drop off a delivery, just leave the delivery zone facing straight forward
In line wit this, if you have something in front of you or if you want to get a gas can, just hold the turn button down to make it happen.

This game may feature hearts as the premium currency that you can get at the end of every round
You can get them by tapping the Make it Rain button.
After tapping this button, you will be served with a video to watch

Once watching that video, hearts will rain down where you will merely tap them to collect
At that time, just tap on the screen fast to collect some free hearts as much as you can.

If you have enough hearts, you can now get a new character or vehicle.
In related to these vehicles, they have different objectives, such as the one called the cute couple and the gamer girl which will stop in the green boxes
They may have reasons to go on dates or to play arcade games.

Besides, some characters will also change that appearance in the game
According to this, if you play with the grumpy goat, he will regain stamina from ramming into people and objects
That character will not need fuel
And, the persistent police’s goal is to ram the robbers as much as it needs

On the other side, every character here will come along with their own stats relating to speed, durability, and turning

If you consider to get them, make sure to check the stats first
Note that a bigger character will have a bigger target
And, they can pick up the fuel more easily
However, they can also crash into other people and objects at ease
You can also play with an animal, which does not need fuel like a car or bike does.

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